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Why does my safety timer change when I am driving?

Sometimes you may notice that you safety timer has changed as a result of your driving. This timer that has been set up by your organization to avoid the need for you to check-in while driving.

Driving is the most dangerous task workers do each day. To help, the SafetyAware app checks you in while you drive, helping to prevent distracted driving. 

How it works

When the app determines you are driving it will change your check-in timer to the company's pre-configured setting created by your SafetyAware administrator (typically 20 or 30 minutes).

This timer is shorter because driving is a more dangerous task. If a problem were to happen, and you could not respond, the response center would know more quickly that you are in need of assistance. 

Recommended best practice

When you are finished driving, check-in and you will notice your safety timer has been resent to your regular interval. This also lets the response center know you are safe and no longer driving.

Also remember that your organization may have automatic check-ins enabled.  This feature will still work even with the motion timer engaged.

If you feel that your timer times need to be adjusted to suit your work style, please contact your SafetyAware system administrator to discuss making this change.