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I can't sign on

I am stuck at the sign on screen.

Not being able to sign in to the app is definitely frustrating but usually really easy to resolve.

Most times simply turning off WiFi on your phone and using cellular data will allow the sign in process to be completed. The security on some WiFi networks blocks our app.

If you are getting a email/password combination error, make sure there are no typos in your email address and that you aren't forgetting a special character or capitalization in your password. You can always reset your password by clicking "Forgot Password" on the login screen of the app.

Make sure you are actually logging in to the app. Check out the bottom right of the login screen. if it says "Control Center" you know that you are actually in your mobile browser. Force close both your browser and the app and then relaunch Aware360 app. Now you should see "App Version" in the bottom right corner.


If you still have problems signing in to the app remember that you can always phone your real time response center to manually check you in. Then you can contact your first line of support to further troubleshoot the issue.