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Setting Up Your SafetyLink Band

Aware360 has updated the hardware for the SafetyLink bands. Follow these steps to set up and use your upgraded SafetyLink Bands:

  1. Charging the SafetyLink Band:
    1. Gently tug on each band strap to remove it from the main unit.
    2. Insert the side with connection strips directly into a USB 3.0 charging port.
    3. Bands will be fully charged in 2 hours, providing 7 days of usage.
  2. Powering On the Band
    1. Double-tap the button sensor to turn on the band.A blue light indicates that the band is ready to pair.
  3. Enabling Bluetooth on Your Device:
    1. To enable Bluetooth on IOS and Android, scroll from top to bottom on the main screen and tap the Bluetooth icon.
    2. Alternatively, you can toggle Bluetooth via your phone’s general settings.
  4. Connecting Your Phone to the Band
    1. In the SafetyAware application on the phone, tap the settings icon.
    2. Select “SafetyAware Companion” and click “Enable”.
    3. Select “SafetyAware Band”. The band’s code will be displayed in the app. Tap it to pair.
    4. On the band, a purple light indicates a successful connection to the SafetyAware app. Bluetooth range is up to 50 feet.
    5. If the band does not appear in the app:
      1. Ensure the blue light is on and the band is not paired with another device.
      2. Verify that your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled and new connections are allowed.
  5. Using the SafetyLink Band
    1. SOS’s can be triggered by discreetly double tapping the band’s sensor button. The sensor is at the same location as the blue or purple light.
    2. Ensure taps are done directly over the sensor button; tapping elsewhere will NOT trigger an SOS.
    3. You can check if an SOS went through via the SafetyAware app. The band does not buzz or provide haptic feedback that an SOS was triggered.
  6. Accidental SOS Activation
    1. If an SOS is triggered accidentally, undo it through the SafetyAware app.