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SafetyAware IT Requirements - What Do I Need to Know?

This is the information that you should provide to your IT team in order for the SafetyAware solution to function properly within your organization.

White Listing E-mails

You will want to white list the following e-mails for password resets and communicating with Aware360 support:

  • noreply@aware360.com
  • support@aware360.com
  • help.aware360@aware360.com

Configure Your Network

In order to use the Aware360 mobile application via corporate WiFi make sure the following firewall ports need to be opened to permit traffic:

Aware360 Services Port Protocol Destination
Mobile Login & Escalation Plan Management (https) 443 TCP msiothubplatform.aware360.net 
Aware360 Portal (https) 443 TCP


IOT Hub (tls) 443 TCP msiothubplatform.aware360.net 

Device Compatibility

  • Android and iOS versions supported (current -2 versions)
  • We recommend car chargers and windshield mounts for best performance
  • Blackberry needs to be native android OS
  • Huawei smartphones are not supported at this time