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New Toll-Free Phone Number for Text Messages and Automated Phone Calls

With the SafetyAware 4.3.12 release, all SMS text messages, and automated voice call reminders will use a single toll-free number, 1-844-475-1644, rather than the four 587 area code numbers used previously.

In order to control spam, carriers and regulatory agencies have introduced new policies restricting the ability to send group communication using 10-code traditional phone numbers, such as the 587 area code numbers previously used by SafetyAware.  Use of these numbers is often subject to blocking by regional telecom carriers.   To align with these policies, we have adopted a new single toll-free number for our communications to end users.   This includes SMS text messages for broadcast, reminders, automated notifications and two-factor authentication, and automated voice phone calls for reminders.

Users should add this new number to their contacts such that incoming texts and calls are clearly identified as originating from the SafetyAware application.