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Monitor Agent Access Control and Communication

When an alert is raised on the Control Centre dashboard, one of a group of Monitor Agents will request control and will be responsible for managing the escalation plan associated with that alert.   With Control Centre 4.2.6, we are improving the user interface messaging to reduce the potential ambiguity associated with alert control, which previously occurred at times of reduced system performance and user interface response latency.

Now, when a monitor Agent takes control of an alert, a pop-up notification will appear stating:  “You are taking control of <Asset Name>”.   Similarly, if the agent releases control prior to resolving the alarm, a pop-up notification will appear stating: “You are releasing control of <Asset Name>”.    While the agent is in the Escalation Procedure dashboard, managing the alarm, a message at the top of the screen will display, stating: “YOU ARE CURRENTLY CONTROLLING <Asset Name>”.

Together, these three improvements will remove ambiguity associated with whether an agent has control of an Asset Alarm, and prevent the agent from attempting multiple times to take control, providing an overall improved user experience.