GoBand Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have questions on how privacy and security is ensured in the GoBand solution?

Is any personal information exchanged with other workers wearing the GoBand?

No. Each GoBand is assigned a unique Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Media Access Control (MAC) Address at manufacture. When a GoBand detects another GoBand within a preset proximity threshold, the GoBands exchange these BLE MAC addresses, which are stored on each GoBand along with the data and time of the connection.

What personal information is stored?

There is no personal information stored. When a device is assigned to a user, the unique BLE MAC address of the GoBand assigned to that user must be stored in a GoBand Assigment Log maintained securely by the Organization Administrator. Sample templates for these logs are available from Aware360.  This Log is used to determine who was assigned a specific GoBand at a specific time, to map specific GoBand MAC’s captured in proximity data with the assigned individual.

Is a user’s set of contacts ever automatically uploaded?

No. There is no mechanism to automatically upload proximity data from the GoBand. To upload the data, the GoBand should be returned to an Organization Administrator, who uses a special GoBand Administrator app to upload and process the data in the context of a contact trace.

Is the GoBand proximity data secure?

Yes. All GoBand proximity data is stored on each GoBand until it is needed in the context of a contact trace. To upload the data with the GoBand Administrator App, the GoBand must be physically present, and a password must be entered.

Will the user’s location be tracked?

No. There is no mechanism to track a user’s location.

How are the GoBand MAC Addresses captured in the GoBand proximity data mapped on to contacted individuals.

The MAC addresses captured in GoBand proximity data are mapped to specific individuals by joining the proximity data with the user assignment data in the GoBand Assignment Log.  Techniques to do this analysis using tools like Excel or PowerBI are provided from Aware360 with appropriate templates and instructions.