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How do I use the Enhanced Geofence feature in SafetyAware?

The Geofence feature now allows organizations to capture time-stamped information on individuals entering or leaving a designated area, to send notifications when entering or leaving a geofence, and to send location-based messages.

Watch the how-to video here: 


Before being able to use Location Tracing, ensure you have both of the following: 

  • Access to the Geofence module 
  • Client Administrator permission set

Here's how to start using location tracing: 

  1. Log in to the Aware360 Control Center 
  2. On the left-hand side, expand the menu options 
  3. Select "Geofences" 
  4. On the map, zoom into the area you would like to geofence 
  5. Select your preferred draw option (circle or polygon) on the left-hand side of the map, and draw the area on the map
  6. Assign a name, client, and assets to the Geofence on the right-hand side 
    1. "Client" is referring to the organization. More than one client can be selected, supporting the user cases where a parent organization under one client name may want to create reports from assets from a subsidiary or subcontracted client.
    2. "Assign Assets" are individual(s) who you would like to apply to this specific Geofence. You can also choose “ALL” to select all assets from the specified clients.
  7. Under “Send Alert On”, choose between “Entering Geofence” or “Leaving Geofence”.  Alerts can be generated when assets either enter or leave the geofence. For example, the geofence could represent a hazardous area which assets should not enter, or a safe area which assets should not leave. 
  8. For simply logging history of users in the geofence, under “Alert”, select between “Enabled”, “Log Event”, or “Disabled”. “Log Event” should be used for real time and historical reports, where no user alert is appropriate.
  9. Under “Repeat Message Interval”, enter the interval in minutes between repeated messages sent to the asset upon a geofence event. For historical logging purposes, please leave this blank.
  10. Press "Save" and Geofences are now enabled!.

Once saved, you can quickly access Geofences on the left-hand side and see who is active and send a text message to any of those individuals if deemed necessary! 

Need more help? Contact us:

  • support@aware360.com
  • +1 877 352 8522