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How do I create a geofence in Control Centre?

To create a geofence, follow the procedure below:


  1. Click Manage Geofences.
  2. Zoom in the area you want to create your geofence in.
  3. Choose Draw a polygon or Draw a circle geofence.
  4. The map automatically hides the side panel.
  5. Draw the geofence.
  6. In the Create Geofence panel, enter the Geofence name.
  7. Choose the Client to which the Geofence is associated.
  8. Search and click on the devices that need to be attached to the geofence (ex. if you have a work phone that needs to stay on site as it has a different user every shift)
  9. Choose Entering geofence or Leaving geofence alerts.
  10. Choose Alert On or Off. On will initiate an alarm whenever the event is generated.
  11. Click Create.