What is the contact tracing upload process for GoAware?

The contact tracing process is implemented with a combination of your company policies and GoAware technology. The following sections describe an illustrative process but are not intended to necessarily represent a specific company's actual process.

Watch the how-to here:

If a worker tests positive for an infectious disease like COVID-19, Public Health Authorities will instruct them to self-isolate and the worker will be responsible for notifying their employer of the positive test. The GoAware Organization Administrator will begin the process with a phone call to the worker. 

Once in the GoAware Portal, here's the contact upload process: 

  1. Log into the GoAware Portal, and go to the "All Users" module.
  2. Search for the worker's phone number in the search bar, and select the actions icon. 
  3. Call the worker and let them know you need to initiate the close contact data upload process. Ask them to open their GoAware App and press the "Upload" icon. 
  4. In the GoAware Portal, press "Reveal Verification Code" in the user's details section.
  5. Then, share the code with the user. The code should match the one shown on their app screen in Step 1 of "Send My Data". Tell the user if the code match to select "Proceed". 
    step 5
  6. Next, in the top right-hand corner of the upload request section, select "Generate Request". Then, ask the user to input the PIN into their app Step 2. 
    step 6
  7. In the GoAware Portal, press "Refresh Data" in the upload request section. 
  8. You will now see that the close contact tace data is ready, press "Download" to get the file. 


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