Bivy Stick Satellite Communicator Integration

Use of the Bivy Stick satellite communicator with the SafetyAware App will turn your mobile phone into a satellite communicator

With SafetyAware 4.1.5 we are introducing SafetyAware App support for the Bivy Stick Satellite Communicator from ACR Electronics.    Use of the Bivy Stick satellite communicator with the SafetyAware App will turn your mobile phone into a satellite communicator, allowing you almost full use of SafetyAware services whether you are in cellular coverage or in areas with no cell phone connectivity.   The SafetyAware App now connects to a Bivy Stick over Bluetooth.  If your mobile phone is connected to cellular or WiFi networks, the App will use those networks as before.   If you leave cellular network coverage, the App will seamlessly failover to use the Bivy Stick to communicate with the SafetyAware PeopleIoT™ platform over the Iridium Satellite Network.  Almost all the SafetyAware functionality will still be available.  The only indication that the Bivy Stick is being used for communication will be the presence of a “BIVY” icon in the upper left corner of the App, and some additional delay in the processing of the SafetyAware commands.   This delay is due to the nature of Iridium satellite communication.

Included in this functionality is the ability to automatically assign the device to the user in the SafetyAware platform.  This facilitates straightforward pooling and sharing of devices without the need for a SafetyAware Administrator to assign the device to a specific user in the SafetyAware Control Centre dashboard.

To use SafetyAware with the Bivy Stick, simply perform the following steps:

  1. Login to the SafetyAware App while in network coverage (cellular or WiFi).
  2. Turn on the Bivy Stick.
  3. “Connect” the SafetyAware App to the Bivy Stick in the “Preferences” menu.
  4. The Bivy Stick should now be assigned to the user in the SafetyAware platform and will be ready to use.

Almost all SafetyAware functions are supported through either cellular or satellite networks, other than “Login” (users must ensure they are logged in while in network coverage), photo sharing or other file attachments and voice calls.  Note that when connected to the Bivy stick, functions that are normally immediate may take several minutes to perform.   This time depends on satellite signal strength and whether your Bivy Stick has a clear view of the sky, and the current location of the Iridium Satellites.

It is also possible to use the Bivy Stick with SafetyAware in a standalone mode.   The “Check-In” button on the Bivy Stick can be used to Sign-On, Sign-Off and Check-In.  The SOS button can be used to raise an SOS.   In this standalone mode, it is possible to use the Bivy App with the Bivy Stick for many other features, including full two-way SMS and E-mail messaging, maps and navigation, and the GroupTrack™ feature to track and communicate with your co-workers in the field.   Note that the Bivy App and the SafetyAware App cannot both be connected to the Bivy Stick at the same time.  Use of GroupTrack™ requires the purchase of a premium unlimited data plan.

For more information on the Bivy Stick, watch our video demonstration, visit our web page, or reference the Bivy Stick User Guide.

To purchase a Bivy Stick and associated data plans, please contact Aware360.