Aware4Duty Troubleshooting Guide

My device displays the message “Can’t Connect to Server.”

Check your network connection because you may be connected to the wrong network, wi-fi is turned off, or other similar issues. If you continue to experience problems after verifying your network connection, contact your organization’s IT personnel.

I cannot locate the Aware4Duty app to download to use on my iPad.

The Aware4Duty mobile app is currently only for Apple iPhones and Android-based smartphones, and it is available from those respective app stores. iPad users typically use the browser-based version of Aware4Duty. If you need additional guidance, email .

The green “Start Test” button does not appear after logging in.

  1. Make sure JavaScript is enabled on your device.
  2. If JavaScript is enabled but the green button still does not appear, contact your organization’s IT personnel. Your organization may have a firewall blocking access to online JavaScript applications.

The green “Start Test” button takes a long time to appear on the screen after logging in.

  1. Make sure no other applications are running.
  2. Check your network connection and Internet speeds.
  3. . If using a 3G or 4G data connection, check your signal strength.

When using a tablet, the testing screen looks jumbled and/or shapes are not properly aligned.

  1. Make sure your device is in landscape mode (horizontal) when using Aware4Duty.
  2. Make sure your browser (e.g. Safari) is NOT in private mode. Aware4Duty cannot work in private mode.
  3. If applicable, make sure your device screen is set for 1280x800 resolution.

I reset my password but now I cannot log in to Aware4Duty.

  1. At the Aware4Duty Admin login screen (, click Forgot your password? Then enter your User Name and click the Reset Password button. You will receive and e-mail with instructions on how to change your password.
  2. If you still cannot login after following the instructions in the e-mail, your organization’s Aware4Duty administrator can change your password in your Employee Detail screen. Otherwise, contact

I or my supervisors are receiving notifications at strange times.

Make sure the correct time zone is selected in the Shift Management tab.

I or a supervisor received a notification that an employee did not take the test, but the employee says that he or she did take it. There is no record of the test in the system.

It is likely that the employee began taking a test but did not finish it, likely due to three wrong answers in a row. The system counts only completed tests.

I am receiving double notifications.

You are likely configured to be both a supervisor and as a “Catch All Notifications” setting recipient. This setting is in the Customization tab, and removing your e-mail address from the Email Address field here will stop duplicating your notifications.

The system is generating and recording multiple notifications for each below-baseline score.

The Aware4Duty system will generate one notification per supervisor, per notification method, and also include the designated “catch all notifications” person, if applicable, and record all of these individual notifications.

For example, 6 total notifications would be seen for one below-baseline test if:

  • The employee has two supervisors
  • Someone is designated as the “catch all notifications” recipient in the Customization tab
  • Each of these three people are configured to receive both text message notifications and e-mail notifications. 3 people with 2 notifications each makes 6 total notifications.

My supervisors are not receiving notifications when their employees miss tests.

  1. Make sure the appropriate Notification setting is correctly configured in the Customization tab.
  2. If it is correctly configured, make sure the supervisors’ text message numbers and e-mail addresses are correct in their Employee details by clicking on their names in the Employees tab.

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