Aware4Duty Supervisor Quick Reference

Establish Baseline Scores

  • Aware4Duty users are required to establish baseline scores in order for the system to learn how they perform on the test.
  • A user's baseline score is established after completing the test 10 times.
  • Users can take the test as often as they would like before their baselines become established, but only their best 3 performances in a 24-hour period will apply toward their baseline calculations. Therefore, establishing a baseline takes a minimum of 4 days.

Taking the Aware4Duty Test

  • Once users have established their baselines, they can take the test up to 3 times an hour.
  • When a user scores outside his or her normal baseline range, the system prompts the user to take the test again.
  • If the system prompts a user to retake the test, he or she must do so within 5 minutes.
  • Tests that are not completed (i.e., the system detects gaming, or the user abandons the test) are not counted in baseline measurements nor recorded by the system.

Supervisor Notifications

Assigned supervisors will receive a notification when:

  • An employee scores abnormally on two tests, taken within 5 minutes of each other.
  • An employee scores abnormally on one test but does not re-take the test within 5 minutes

Admin Panel Note:

In the Notifications column of the Test Results tab, you may see multiple notifications sent for a single outside-baseline test score. This will occur when:

  • More than one person is designated to receive notifications. In other words, a notification is recorded for each recipient.
  • A person receives both SMS and e-mail notifications. Each notification method is recorded separately even though the recipient is the same.