Aware4Duty iPad Setup for Dedicated use: "Kiosk Mode" (iOS 12 or later)

This guide is intended to instruct you in setting up an Apple iPad running iOS 12.x or later dedicated for Aware4Duty use only, called “kiosk mode.”

This usage of the iPad involves activating Guided Access, which allows you to lock the iPad to a single application.

Step 1: Rotate the iPad to Landscape orientation and lock the screen rotation

Aware4Duty works only in Landscape mode, so you must prevent the screen from rotating to Portrait mode. This is important even if the iPad will be affixed to a wall or table.

  1. Turn the device to Landscape orientation. In order words, hold it or set it horizontally, so the longest sides of the iPad are at the top and bottom.
  2. Press the HOME button on the iPad to return to the home screen.
  3. Access the Control Center by swiping downward with one finger from the top right of the iPad screen.
  4. Tap the icon that looks like a lock with an arrow circling it to lock the screen rotation.

Step 2: Adjust the screen timeout

  1. You should prevent the iPad from entering hibernate mode too quickly, so change the default screen timeout setting from 2 minutes to 15 minutes. From the home screen, tap the Settings icon.
  2. Tap Display & Brightness in the menu on the left. Find the Auto-Lock option and tap it, then select 15 minutes from the list.

Step 3: Set app restrictions

  1. If you are not already in the iPad Settings, tap the Settings icon again.
  2. Tap Screen Time on the left, then Content & Privacy Restrictions on the right.
  3. If the switch next to Content & Privacy Restrictions is off (gray), then tap it to turn it on (green). Then tap Allowed Apps.
  4. Disable all applications except Safari by tapping the switch next to each application. The only on (green) switch must be for Safari; all other switches should be off (gray).

Step 4: Restrict website access to Aware4Duty only

  1. Return to the Content & Privacy Restrictions settings under Screen Time.
  2. Tap Content Restrictions, then tap Web Content.
  3. Tap Allowed Websites Only.
  4. For each item in the list that appears under ONLY ALLOW THESE WEBSITES, swipe to the left to reveal the Delete button, then tap it to delete the website. Repeat this process for each website in the list until only Add Website remains.
  5. Tap Add Website. In the Title field, type Aware4Duty. In the URL field, type the web address for your company’s Aware4Duty test. Tap Done.

Step 5: Set up Safari for Aware4Duty

  1. In the main Settings menu on the left, scroll down and tap on Safari. On the right, scroll down and tap Advanced.
  2. Make sure the JavaScript switch is on (green), and turn off all others.
  3. Return to the Safari settings pane. Then tap Autofill.
  4. Tap all on (green) switches to turn them off (gray). All settings should be off before moving on to the next step.

Step 6: Enable Guided Access

  1. In the main Settings menu on the left, scroll to and tap on General. Then tap on Accessibility in the right pane.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the right pane, then tap Guided Access. Then, tap the switch to turn it on (green).
  3. Tap Passcode Settings. Create a 4-digit passcode for Guided Access. You can use the same passcode that unlocks the iPad when not in Guided Access or a different one. If your iPad has a touch ID sensor, you can also set this here as a way to unlock the iPad in Guided Access.
  4. Press the HOME button on the iPad to return to the home screen.
  5. Tap on Safari to launch it and go to your company’s Aware4Duty test site.
  6. Quickly press the HOME button on the iPad three times. This will launch Guided Access configuration.
  7. By default, the Sleep/Wake button is disabled in Guided Access. If you would like to enable use of the Sleep/Wake button, tap Options in the bottom left corner, then tap the switch next to Sleep/Wake button to turn it on (green).
  8. Use your finger to draw a box around the Safari address bar and button icons. This will “gray out” the address bar and other features so they cannot be used in Guided Access.
  9. Tap Start in the upper right corner of the screen to enable Guided Access for Aware4Duty.
  10. You will be prompted to set a six-digit passcode. This passcode will be required to exit Guided Access and is intended to prevent unauthorized use of the iPad outside of taking the Aware4Duty fit-for-duty test. Enter the password twice as instructed to verify, and save the passcode where you can easily access it again.
  11. The iPad is now in Guided Access, or “kiosk mode,” and ready for use for Aware4Duty testing.
  12. To pause or exit Guided Access, quickly press the iPad HOME button three times, then enter the six-digit passcode. This will return you to the Guided Access configuration screen.

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