Aware4Duty FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding Aware4Duty.

Where do employees take the test?

Most organizations affix the touchscreen tablets to the wall or a table near clock-in devices or common entries, in ready rooms, line-out areas, or similar. Another option is using the Aware4Duty app on smartphones. Both test versions can be taken at any time or multiple times throughout a day or shift.

What is the protocol when an employee is flagged as potentially impaired?

Although Aware4Duty flags an employee when test results fall outside the tolerated performance margin, it does not indicate the cause for the deviation. The next step would be for the company or supervisor to investigate further and respond according to their own HR policies.

Are baseline scores static or dynamic?

Individuals’ baselines scores are dynamic. The scoring algorithm adjusts automatically to reflect the user’s natural improvement at the test. This is referred to as a “rolling baseline.”

Are baselines separated according to industry or industry segment?

Baseline scores are specific to individual users, not entire industries or sectors.

For what devices and platforms is Aware4Duty available?

Aware4Duty is available as an app for Apple iOS and Android OS smartphones, or it can be accessed with a Web browser on a 9” touchscreen tablet such as an Apple iPad, or on a desktop or laptop personal computer.

How can someone demo Aware4Duty?

Fill out the form here and the Aware360 team will be in contact with you shortly to schedule a demo.

What do employees think of the test?

Surveys overwhelmingly show that employees appreciate the non-invasiveness of alertness testing.

How does management know when an employee’s test score deviates significantly from his or her baseline?

Employees are assigned to Supervisors in the Admin Dashboard. If an employee is flagged, a text message or email notification is sent to the Supervisor.

Can you game the system?

Gaming detection is built into the software. If it detects gaming, the system will abort for a set period of time. Because users will become more adept at the test over time, the algorithm adjusts baselines to account for natural improvement at the test. As a result, the system can detect if users are intentionally trying to manipulate their baseline scores.

Is the test difficult?

Not at all. In fact, people often find it enjoyable and like to see their scores as an insight into their present mental acuity.