Why do I have a low score without triggering any events?

Driving scores may be low even without triggering an event, this is due to the event threshold.

In the iDriveAware program, events are created when the severity of a behavior exceeds the threshold for that behavior. For example, a speeding event may only be triggered after exceeding speed limit by 10 miles / hour. 

Alternatively, scores do not necessarily reflect how many events are triggered. You may never cross the event threshold, but still receive a low score because of the amount of times you exhibit poor driving behaviors.

The graph below shows an example of how the event threshold works. In the example, Driver A  exceeds the speed limit once and triggers an event (more than 10mph). While Driver B never exceeds the speeding threshold but is constantly driving above the speed limit. Driver B will have a lower score than Driver A because speeding many times over that time period is more dangerous than speeding only once.

Driving events threshold